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Overwhelmed with doing everything yourself? 
Frustrated with your under-performing business? 
Stressed by lack of growth and financial pressure? 
Discover the unique approach of Andromeda Business Consulting, where our journey takes us beyond traditional boundaries to master new realms in the business world. Inspired by the awe-inspiring vastness and potential of the Andromeda Galaxy, as seen through the eyes of astronomers, we approach the business landscape with equal fervour and foresight. 
Our journey is enriched with insights and strategies, tailored to the nuanced art and science of business strategy and coaching. 
In Greek mythology Andromeda was tied to a rock as a sacrifice to the gods. As a monster came to devour her, and all seemed lost, she was rescued by her future husband, riding a winged horse. 
Sometimes running your own small business can feel like being tied to a rock and the demands you face every day can certainly feel as if they are about to devour you whole!  
I don’t have a winged horse, but I can rescue you and unchain you ….. 

Coaching & Consultancy 

Uncover the blockages in your business and formulate an action plan for growth 
Gives you an outsider perspective 
Unlocks the potential for you and your business 

Marketing for Growth 

Help build effective marketing strategies both online and offline 
Attract a consistent flow of quality leads 
Understand how to stand apart from your toughest competition 

Systemising for Efficiency 

Increase profitability by reducing unnecessary costs and time 
Create a business that functions whether you’re there or not 
Be able to have full control and peace of mind at all times 
"Kirsty can truly help your business grow, she is insightful, motivating and has helped me to focus, hence I am seeing the results in my business.  
Give her a call, you will not regret it." 
Vanessa Wallace | Crystal Clear Coaching Ltd 

    Working closely with clients, on a consultancy basis, I help business owners grow and develop their business - focusing on marketing, systems, people and processes enabling clients to achieve both their personal and business goals.     

GAP is the ultimate business planning program that will give you a better understanding of how your business should and could be… in it we talk about the elephant in the room.. the things you may not want to admit to anyone else.  
This program will show you the gaps in your business, in your thinking and will create a process for achieving the results you’re seeking. 
Grow your business in a controlled way 
Generate more leads  
and customers 
Inspire & ignite your 
passion for business 
Increase productivity  
and efficiency 
Have more control and  
stop fire-fighting 
Plan for the future 
GAP is typically implemented as a total business growth package but you can also work with individual modules where you have a specific or immediate business issue to solve. 
Every client that I've taken through this process has felt excited and inspired by how simple changes that had previously not been identified, could take them to where they want to be. 
The Pegasus Business Boost program brings the power of Andromeda’s successful GAP program to new and small businesses. 
For many years I have worked with established companies that want to move on to the next level. We use the power of the Andromeda GAP program to find and fix gaps in their business and their thinking. 
I knew that the GAP approach would also make a difference to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people taking their first steps as business owners. 
While many of us had time to review our goals during the pandemic, I explored how I could work with more people to help them achieve their dreams.  
I have now developed the Pegasus Business Boost program to support and help them move ahead with confidence. 
If you are struggling to take your business to the next level, or you are feeling frustrated with your lack of progress, I can help. 
Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller-coaster…it can be the ride of a lifetime but there are times when you are screaming to get off. I can help you get getting you back on track with your business plan or helping to devise and implement new plans that you never thought possible. 
Some of my clients see me as a coach, a mentor, a consultant and some even as a therapist! 
I am not just another business consultant as I see the job through with implementation should you require it and I will work with you on a retained basis as an addition to your team or on a project by project basis…your call…and there is no tie in. You work with me for as long as you are seeing the results. 
Are you ready to: 
Have your mind opened to new ideas? 
Be committed to working on the business, not just in it? 
Be ambitious enough to reach or exceed your personal & business expectations? 
Be ready to unleash your personal & business potential? 
Listen to a different perspective? 
For more information or to book your FREE consultation either complete the form below or call Kirsty on 07521 790284 
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