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Serious sports people and business owners have a shared interest in being the best they can be. 
While most of us can’t achieve the standards of this year’s Olympians, we can all improve with the right help and advice. 
If we pick up a tennis racket or a golf club for the first time, we might be happy just to hit the ball. However, as time goes on, we will know that there’s more to the game and we’ll want to improve. 
The obvious step is to work with a coach who can share their skill, experience, and expertise to show us how we can improve our performance. A sports coach will help with everything from injury prevention to nutrition. They will help with goal setting, risk management, and training. 
A business coach fulfils the same role when you’re running a business. You might want someone to show you how to start or need some advice about what to do when you start thinking about growing your business. That’s when a business coach can help
You’re in training 
When a sports person wants to improve their performance, they will need to look at where they are now and how changes could make a difference. In many cases an experienced coach will be able to give good advice that will make a big difference very quickly, but making the changes is down to the individual. 
A business coach will have an unbiased view of your business performance, your processes, and goals. They can quickly show you areas where you can make improvements because they have experience with many different types of business. 
Andromeda has powerful tools to help you realign your personal goals and get the most from yourself and your team. However, just like a sports coach, I can’t make the changes for you. You will need to do that. 
Be accountable 
You will need to have confidence in your coach as a professional and as a person. Building trust is an important part of the business coaching process. While you might become friends in the longer term, that’s not the job of your business coach while you are working together on your business performance. 
If you work with me and don’t follow through with the actions you have agreed, don’t expect me to say: “That’s fine, I know you’ve been busy”. As your coach I must hold you to account for everything we have agreed to do. I will ask you some challenging questions if you don’t carry out your actions. I wouldn’t be helping you to move forward if I didn’t do that. 
Attain your goals 
Your business coach won’t let you set unachievable goals. Part of your work together is to focus on what is possible. However, you will certainly be encouraged to maximise your potential. 
This could touch on everything from your own mindset to your business processes or marketing strategy. There isn’t an easy game plan to suit all businesses so your actions could include innovation, organisational change, or new productivity targets. 
Often, when you’re busy working in your business, it’s easy to forget about all the things you have achieved. I will keep you focussed on your goals and the milestones that you need to reach to achieve them. While this might sound daunting, you will certainly feel proud every time one of those milestones is passed. As your coach I will make sure you recognise your own hard work. 
Take the prize 
You will be working on short-term tactics and longer term aims. When you have done all you set out to do you won’t simply stop. 
Part of the business coaching process is to give you the knowledge, skills, and understanding to continue your journey. 
The rewards of all your hard work are the results you have achieved, and I will be the first to congratulate you. Of course, I will always be on hand, if you need to review what you’re doing or even set new goals in the future. 
Just like a sports coach, I’ll help you set your goals, plan your programme, and achieve the results you’re looking for. 
Find out more 
The GAP program has helped many established and larger businesses make changes that have transformed their performance. The Pegasus Business Boost program uses the core steps from the GAP program to help new business owners and micro businesses create a robust plan for growth. 
Wherever you are in your business journey, please get in touch
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