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As a small business owner, one of your biggest challenges will always be tackling unexpected problems as they arise. It can take a few minutes or weeks, and I know many people struggle to balance running things every day with the constant troubleshooting they face. 
So, here’s a great tip: positive thinking can make you a better problem-solver. 
Many successful business leaders say that focussing on positive thinking and optimism is the best strategy. When you focus on positive thoughts you will be open to success and happiness in every part of your life. 
Positive thinkers avoid self-criticism 
When things aren’t going so well, it’s tempting to list all the things that worry you, how things are going wrong, and what you could have done better. 
There’s an alternative. 
While it won’t come naturally at first, making a daily affirmation of what is good in your life and what you have done well will give you extra energy to face your challenges. 
Reading self-help books and best sellers about how to become a millionaire might give you some ideas, but they are about how someone else did things. While it’s true that these authors probably have a positive attitude which helped them to succeed, trying to be like them won’t help you. 
On the other hand, focussing on your personal priorities will give you a direct connection to your motivational power pack every day. 
The power of positive thinking 
When your thoughts are positive you will open yourself to the possibility that good things are going to happen. Even if each day isn’t perfect, positive thinkers focus on the parts that went well. 
Here’s the most important part; the power of positive thinking is that you will attract others like you. Together you can become even more positive and encourage one another to achieve your life’s goals. 
Proven to help with problem solving 
Psychology researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, found that positive thinkers have more capacity to take on board new information. So, when you think positively you see problems more clearly and identify new ways to solve them. This helps to tackle problems and obstacles whenever they come up. 
Give yourself an energy boost 
People with dispositional optimism have more energy and enthusiasm than those who are more negative. This gives you extra energy to help you improve your performance, like a professional athlete. It will also help you to be more resilient. 
Very few entrepreneurs are immediately successful. In most cases they will fail several times before they succeed. What makes them stand out is their ability to recover from failure, learn from it, and move on – all with the help of a positive attitude. 
Improve your decision making 
If you're in a negative frame of mind, you're less likely to make decisions that will have a positive impact. If you base decisions on your fears rather than your goals you can easily find yourself in an unhelpful cycle of unwanted consequences. 
However, you need to do more than think positively about possible outcomes; you must also take positive actions. 
Positive thinking tips 
Start each day by congratulating yourself on something good in your life and thinking about something you will look forward to in the day ahead. This will help to set a positive framework for all the things you need to do. 
Give that negative imp sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear a good talking to. Self-criticism drains your energy and distracts you from your goals. 
If something goes wrong, treat it as an opportunity for personal development. Take a moment to think about what you have learnt and move on. 
Create a montage of images that represent all the things that interest and motivate you. Look at it for a few moments at the beginning of every day. 
The Pegasus Business Boost Program can help you uncover your motivations and show you how to stay positive by maintaining a clear focus on your personal and business goals. If you would like to know more, please get in touch
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