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 “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” Dalai Lama XIV 

New Year’s resolutions about losing weight or better money management are often forgotten by the middle of February. Often, it’s because they are too ambitious or complex or because they are quite negative. If this is you, and perhaps you've already given up, don't worry - you are most definitely not alone. 
This year, instead, make yourself a promise to wake up each day with a thought for positive change, no matter how small or simple. Take one step at a time and you will achieve your goals. 
A Fresh Start Every Day 
Every morning is an opportunity for a fresh start. You can put negative experiences behind you and choose a new goal. You can set the tone for the day with the simple decision to be positive. 
It could be as basic as smiling when you wake up or naming something you’re grateful for. You could simply let a loved one know how much you care. 
The only commitment you have to make is to start everyday positively. 
Powerful Positivity 
That single positive thought or action can have a physical impact. It can trigger feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that will stay with you throughout the day. Your whole body will be ready to benefit from more positive experiences and every decision you take will be more likely to make you feel good and to help you achieve your goals. 
Importantly, being a positive thinker makes you into a magnet. When you’re positive you will attract more positive people and they will want to know you because you share the same type of energy. 
Why Being Positive Matters 
Negative emotions narrow your focus and limit what you can achieve. In contrast, listening with a positive attitude will make you more open to other people’s ideas and many different possibilities. 
While fear and anxiety can be helpful to wild animals facing danger, focusing their attention, they can hinder us in our everyday lives and use our energy unnecessarily. 
However, it can be difficult to change routine negative thoughts unless you make a positive decision to think differently. 
Positive thinking can improve your overall happiness and help you to actively plan ahead. It can also affect your emotional and physical health, reducing depression, boosting resistance to the common cold, protecting your heart and improving your coping skills. 
Creating A Positivity Habit 
Awareness – we all blame ourselves when things go wrong and, sometimes, we’ll focus only on negative results, assuming the worst possible outcomes. Being aware of these thoughts and consciously challenging them is a good start. 
Reward yourself – when you become aware of negative thoughts you can make a point of rewarding yourself with something positive. Take a step back and ask yourself if it’s really as negative as it seems. If you can, take a break to eat, relax, talk to someone about something unrelated, or to take a short walk. 
Value your gifts – make sure you have a long list of all the things in your life that are good and positive and make sure you refer to it regularly. Simply tuning in to good things will reduce the impact of anything negative. 
Be Sympathetic To Stress – we all think that stress is a bad thing but, with a positive mindset, it can improve your performance and help you achieve your goals. 
We can all use some help to be and remain positive and it’s all part of the service at Andromeda Business Consulting. 
Please get in touch to find out more about boosting your positivity in 2022. 
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