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Did I mention I’ve been on holiday? Like most business owners I was tempted to think I didn’t have time to take a break. But, after three weeks away from all my regular responsibilities, I realised just how important it was to recharge my batteries. 
Apart from anything else, a holiday will prove that your business can run without you for a while. There are many different ways to keep things running smoothly even when you’re not on the spot. So, don’t be like nearly three quarters of business owners who take five or fewer days’ holiday a year. 
Here are seven very good reasons why you should take a break. 
1. Give your team a chance – whether you are an employer or you rely on outsourced services to keep your business running, your holiday is an ideal time for others to take on a little more responsibility. What’s more, you can improve your delegation skills. If you feel you need to, book a call every couple of days with one person who can update you about everything that’s happened. You don’t have to make all the decisions and you can be reassured that if there’s ever an emergency there will be people who can stand in for you. If you don’t have a team, it’s the perfect time to test automated solutions to send messages and invoices, for example. 
2. Rediscover your creativity – while you are taking a physical break from your business you are also giving your mind a rest. It’s the ideal opportunity to review your perspective and take a step back from the day-to-day challenges to see the bigger picture. You will probably return with some exciting new and creative ideas
4. Rebuild your energy levels – as a business owner you are committed and enthusiastic about what you do and that often translates into working long hours. In the long-term this can lead to exhaustion and stress that can affect your productivity. Your holiday will help you to become revitalised and refocused. Spending time with friends and family and doing things you enjoy will rebalance your life. 
5. Plan and prepare – if you’re Santa Claus you can probably afford to take a fortnight’s break in July, but for most business owners there never seems to be a good time. When you plan your break well in advance you can prove it’s possible to prepare for a proper holiday. Clear space in your diary and get organised so you can leave all the important things in safe hands. When you’ve done it once you will know you can do it again. 
6. Invest in your wellbeing – you don’t expect your office equipment to keep running without supplies and regular maintenance, so why expect it of yourself? Your holiday is an investment in one of your business’s most important assets. 
7. Show your confidence – there’s nothing that gives others more confidence than your own self-belief. When you know you are surrounded by good people, systems and processes you can step away from time to time without any concerns. That proves you have a viable business that can grow and thrive. 
Take the test 
Leave your work phone and laptop behind when you go on holiday. 
If you don’t then it won’t really be a holiday, you’ll just be working remotely. If something needs your urgent attention make sure someone can contact you, but otherwise simply hand over the reins for a short while. 
If you would like some help to set up business systems and processes that will allow you to take a break, please get in touch. 
Until next time ... 
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