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I’m a business therapist for entrepreneurs. I say this because I help business owners make good choices. 
The GAP Program starts with personal goals because running your business should make you smile. If it doesn’t, you will always feel that it is a struggle to make things happen and keep moving forwards. 
In short, we focus on what you really want out of life. 
When you make sure this is at the heart of your thinking you will find it much easier to make decisions. You will also find that you make much better choices. 
You can’t put that in a bottle or a box, but it will be one of your most valuable business assets. Here’s why. 
Asking the right questions 
Together we will look at your Personal Goals as an essential part of the GAP Program. The questions we tackle are quite thought-provoking and personal. They have been designed to help you discover what really motivates you. 
My approach in the discussions and exercises is quite informal, but the results are powerful. By exploring your personal desires and aspirations we will create priorities for you and your business. We will also look at what could be holding you back. 
When we both understand exactly what you want to achieve we can work together to make sure your business will help you reach your goals. 
Your business has a personality 
You might wonder why your personal goals are so important for your business. 
Just like each of us, your business is unique. The decisions you make every day are affected by your goals. If you have become distracted or confused about them your business performance will be affected. 
On the other hand, we know that people like to do business with people. They will be interested in the reasons you created your business and how you run it. By showing your customers who you really are, you will build a much stronger relationship with them. They will become advocates who recommend you to colleagues and friends. 
How your business personality helps you to succeed 
Your business personality will make you stand out from your competitors. It will give people a reason to choose to work with you. 
To support your business effectively it should be memorable and authentic – over 85% of consumers say that they need to be able to trust your brand to buy from you. 
So, how do you build an authentic business personality
You and your business must be in tune. This means that the reason you started your business (your mission) and the way you run your business (your values) must complement each other and be clearly reflected in everything you do. 
To do this successfully, you will need to do these three things: 
understand your customers – make sure you are really clear about who they are and how they fit with your business. 
be consistent – if someone treats you differently or inappropriately each time you meet you will be confused and, possibly, offended. You might not want to meet them too many times – the same is true for your business. 
be clear – share your story simply and concisely, like the man who liked the product so much he bought the company. 
If you would like to explore your personal motivation and find out more about the rest of the GAP Program, please get in touch. 
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