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The Andromeda GAP Program is a business coaching methodology for  identifying the gaps in your business, in your thinking & developing a strategy for growth 

The GAP program is a powerful and effective business strategy and planning process. It will liberate your thinking, improve your planning, and give your operations a new focus. 
You will have a better understanding of how to run your business so that you can achieve your dreams. 
Everything we explore about your life and work is completely confidential so you can consider possibilities you might never have discussed before. 

What is the Andromeda GAP Program? 

Although the story of Andromeda is from Greek mythology, from my experience I know that business owners often feel chained down and experience stress. There are so many demands to face every day, just like the hissing snakes on Medusa’s head, and dreams can become nightmares. 
If you sometimes feel like this about your business, the Andromeda GAP program is an effective way to find the gaps in your business and in your thinking. It will liberate you and your business ideas to achieve the results you really want. Together we will create a plan so that you can achieve your goals. 
We will explore any blockages that could be getting in your way, look at your strengths and opportunities, and explore any weaknesses or threats to your success. We are always practical, so we will look at the best ways to overcome your main challenges and the systems that will give you more freedom every day. 
Whether it’s a short- or long-term goal, we will also start planning for a time when you can hand over or step away from your business. 

How Does The Andromeda GAP Program Work? 

The Andromeda GAP Program is a 1-Day session that uses gap analysis to compare actual performance or results with the outcomes you expect of desire. There are a set of questions that are asked as we work through each section. There is a psychology behind these questions as they are designed to help unlock your thinking and potential. 
As we methodically work through the program you will discover the strategies, structures, capabilities, processes, practices and skills you can use to move ahead. All of this feeds through to a Business Action Planner so every bit of information required for growth is captured. 

A structured approach to life-changing business growth    

The GAP program carefully analyses seven core aspects of your life and your business to make sure that all your goals and aspirations are fully understood. They are your: 
personal goals and dreams that unlock your motivation 
business goals and how to turn your vision into reality 
the challenges and opportunities in your current situation 
sales and marketing to support your goals 
the tribe of people who will help you succeed 
systems and processes that allow you to achieve your business plans 
financial goals that will help you attain your life’s objectives 
We will then focus on action-orientated planning to: 
inspire and re-ignite your passion for your business 
generate more leads and customers 
improve productivity and efficiency 
increase your profits 
give you more control 
make every part of your life easier and more enjoyable 
G = goal, growth, gain, generate, galvanise 
A = analyse, aspire, attain, advance, achieve 
P = plan, process, prioritise, perform, professionalise. 
"Kirsty has acted as a skilled enabler of countless things that would simply not have happened without her much appreciated input. She has helped everyone in the business to see and grasp issues that were previously not being tackled effectively or at all. " 
Goals, Growth, Gains, Galvanise, Generator 
Achievement, Analysis, Attainment, Aspire, Advancement 
Planning, Process, Performance, Prioritise, Professionalism 
"If you’re looking for a business coach that wants to understand your business and help you achieve your goals, then talk to Kirsty as her knowledge and experience will most definitely help your business grow to the next level and beyond." 
Chris Brown | Xtreme Cleaning Ltd  

Discover each of the elements of Andromeda GAP by clicking on the links below   

"Kirsty is an incredible individual who provides the best in service. Her professional approach and skills have already helped me see things in different way." 
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