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You And Your Tribe Will Grow Together 

You had the passion and belief to start and build your business and now you need the help of like-minded people to take the next steps. It’s time to discover your tribe. 
You might be thinking about taking on your first employee or growing the team you already work with. 
In this part of the GAP program we’ll look at who will help you move ahead. This is about recruiting the right people but it’s also about understanding who else will contribute to your future success and how. 
We’ll look at your current connections, the people you rely on and the ones who rely on you, and what the new members of your tribe will be like. 

What Are The Challenges You Face? 

Handing over responsibility for some of your hard-earned success to others is one of the hardest things any business owner has to do. Some business owners can become overwhelmed because they can’t take this step, but it needn’t be difficult or stressful. 
One of the biggest barriers to achieving your personal and business goals is the belief that you’re working alone. In the beginning, it might have been your vision and passion that made you take those important first steps as an entrepreneur.  
Now all you have to do is find others like you so you can build your tribe. These are the people who share your interests, beliefs and values and are ready to go on a journey with you. 

What We Will Look At 

The key is to understand what your business needs by looking at who currently carries out key tasks (and it’s often the case that, as a business owner, you’re doing too many of them yourself), how things are done, when, and where. 
The important decision you must make is to recognise yourself as a leader instead of the person who does everything. Be honest, there are some things in your business that you really don’t like to do, whether that’s making sales calls or bookkeeping. There are probably also some things that you can admit aren’t your strengths, like administration or marketing. 
These are the parts of your business that will benefit from the skills of your new tribe members. Best of all, once you have the right people to handle these things with your guidance, you can focus on your greatest strengths and the ways in which you can make the most difference. 

What Will Happen 

The good news is that all you have to do is be yourself. 
We will revisit your personal and business goals and look at the values that underpin them. You’ll have to be honest about the things you are doing because you feel you ‘should’, rather than because you want to. 
You will also need to consider how easy you are to work with and support. If you’re a details person you must be prepared to train someone to understand your systems and processes.  
If you know you’re prone to acting before thinking through all the consequences, you might need to work with someone who’s more analytical. 
Once we know what we’re looking for we can begin to build your tribe with confidence. 


Not every member of your tribe will be an employee. You might also build your contacts by joining a business networking group, taking part in additional training, or by asking someone you know and respect to act as your mentor. 
Don’t forget how important your family and friends are too. They are likely to be your greatest supporters and your best critics, so share your ideas and listen to their opinions. 
Most importantly, adjust to the idea that you aren’t on your own and that help and advice will be available when you need it. 

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