Andromeda Business Consultancy works with clients on a one to one or team basis depending on the requirements of your business and the current issues that you need help with. 
Work can be project based to work on and solve a burning issue or on a retained basis for clients who need more long term help. There is no fixed contract period so I will be able to help you for as long as you and your business needs it, whether it be in an advisory capacity or implementing the changes required. 

Goal Getter 

The ultimate business planning tool which will help you increase your personal wealth while driving your business forward and freeing up time for a better work life balance. Goal Getter is also used to create your ultimate exit strategy...Read more 

Coaching for Business Owners 

Business owners are always great technicians...experts in what their business does...that's why they started their business...but what about the knowledge of actually how to run a business. This is where most business owners need some help and guidance...Read more 

Business Growth 

It's not just about sales, it's about profit, diversity, maybe niche marketing, consolidation, a whole range of business considerations to take into account when growing your business at the rate that you want to grow at without over trading...Read more 

Business Systems 

Even the best entrepreneurs need business systems to keep everything on track. Without systems even the best teams call fall short of expectations due to holes in the day to day processes or lack of communication...Read more 

People Management 

You may have the best business idea but without the right people in place being managed well you may never fully realise your business potential...Read more 
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