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Andromeda Business Consultancy works with clients on a one to one or team basis depending on the requirements of your business and the current issues that you need help with.  
Work can be project based to solve a burning issue or I can contracted on a retained basis for clients who need longer term help. There is no fixed contract period so I will be able to help you for as long as you and your business needs it, whether it be in an advisory capacity or implementing the changes required. 

GAP - The Andromeda Experience 

The ultimate business planning tool which will help you identify the gaps in your life and in your business. 
By identifying what is missing or what needs changing puts you in the driving seat of your business and can ultimately free up time for a better work life balance. 
GAP is also used to create your ultimate exit strategy... 

Coaching for Business Owners Being a business owner can be a lonely business. 

It is extremely difficulty for anyone that is NOT in business to understand the pressure of business ownership that can overwhelm even the most ambitious person. 
Business owners are always great technicians...experts in what their business does...that's why they started their business...but few have the understanding of all that a business needs and can quite often feel stuck in a rut. 
This is where most business owners need some help and guidance... 

Business Systems I am often told by my clients that they  need or want to sell more. 

Even the best entrepreneurs need business systems to keep everything on track. 
Without systems even the best teams call fall short of expectations due to holes in the day to day processes or lack of communication... 

Marketing for Business Growth I am often told by my clients that they need or want to sell more. 

This is a common requirement but often a knee jerk reaction in an under-performing business. Too much money, time and energy is thrown at numerous isolated approaches and frustration ensues because getting a return on investment just isn't happening – that’s where I step in and stop the money burn! 
Business growth isn't just about sales, it's about planning, understanding what your customers really want, understanding what your business is really about…the list goes on.... 

People Management 

Do you have a team of unstoppable people? 
You may have the best business idea but without the right people in place being managed well you may never fully realise your business potential... 

For more information about GAP or to book your FREE initial consultation simply call Kirsty on 07521 790284 

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