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Is your business able to function when you're not there? 

Whatever type of business you are running it will require systems to make it work, otherwise you end up doing everything. 
Effective systems and processes are the essential part of day to day business running. Business systems in their own right do not create growth but without robust systems in place, growth will be almost impossible to achieve and indeed you may also find your business going backwards simply because your systems aren't working. 
A common issue that I find is that the business owner thinks he knows that the systems are in place and working when in reality they aren't, either because of the systems themselves are faulty or the people operating the systems are not working them correctly. This is where inter departmental issues tend to come to the fore. 
Whatever journey your business is on, it is often right to look at the systems first. 
Do you have robust systems for managing your business? 
Do you know what you should be measuring and when? 
Are you confident that your processes are as efficient as they could be? 

How does it work? 

We will hold an initial fact finding meeting to understand the systems that are in place and then by studying your business growth plans we can ascertain if your systems are correct for moving your business forward...not just today but for the foreseeable future. 
Any new systems or changes to current systems will need to be implemented and I can manage this for you to save you having to use team members, taking them away from their core roles. 
All systems will be tested and measured to ensure that they are robust and we can set up regular reviews to keep on top of changes within your business or the market in general. 
The initial project will be completed within agreed time frames so this can be on a fixed fee basis rather than on a retained basis so you know what the investment cost will be up front. 
Initial fact finding meeting is free of charge so you have nothing to lose but inefficiency. 
For help & advice on your business systems please call Kirsty on 07521 790284 
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