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"The Pegasus Business Boost program was 3 hours and has totally changed my mindset. It’s given me clarity, focus and direction. It’s also got me really excited about the future and made me believe in myself again."  
Carys Dayne | Specky and Ginge Ltd  
In Greek mythology Andromeda was tied to a rock as a sacrifice to the gods. As a monster came to devour her, and all seemed lost, she was rescued by her future husband, riding a winged horse. 
Sometimes running your own small business can feel like being tied to a rock and the demands you face every day can certainly feel as if they are about to devour you whole!  
I don’t have a winged horse, but I can rescue you and unchain you ….. 

How does the Pegasus Business Boost Program work? 

.We start with three core steps from the wider Andromeda GAP Program: 

Personal Goals 


Business Goals 


Situation Analysis 

This immediately tackles your business mind set and is a very quick and effective way to focus on what’s important now and in the future. 
Who is Pegasus Business Boost For? 
The program is designed for small and micro-businesses. It is tailored to individual needs and is flexible enough to keep pace as businesses grow. 
In many cases people with exciting and inspiring ideas, talent, and commitment find it hard work on their own. The program provides regular and reliable access to a trusted advisor who knows their business and understands their goals. 

Moving Ahead 

However, we don’t stop there, and that’s why the Pegasus Business Boost program is so effective. Once we have agreed your initial goals and actions we will meet regularly, in person or virtually, to review your progress and plan the next steps. 
Importantly, we also discuss how you’re feeling and what’s happening in the rest of your life. That’s because I know that changing one thing can change many things. Keeping your business goals connected to your other goals in life is essential to make your journey worthwhile. 
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