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Business Growth Programs 

Having a business coach is like having a personal trainer, but for your business.  
Working with small and medium sized businesses, I help to identify where the weaknesses are and put in place strategies to strengthen and build the business you have envisaged. 
These business growth coaching programs have been constructed using proven systems and strategies that will help you to build a business that has the foundations for sustained growth. 
Are you running your business or is it running you? 
Has the shine worn off what was once an exciting dream of business ownership? 
How many times have you asked yourself “why am I doing this?” & feel like no-one understands? 
Do you feel that you are giving your all and not getting back what you thought you would? 
Business owners are always great technicians but often they struggle to step back and be great business owners. This is vital to do if your business is going to thrive. This is also vital to do if, one day, you are planning to sell the business and actually take it easy! 
Having a business coach means you are never alone 

The Process 

You may know where the problems are but I often find that after some fact finding work we will uncover some underlying reasons behind your personal or business issues. Once we know the real reasons we can then develop a mutually agreed action plan to get you back on track. It is also important to take responsibility and ownership of any actions and I can help with this by keeping you on track and making adjustments to the plan as we progress together. Coaching is a journey which will have some planned ultimate outcomes but along the way there will be wins to be had which will improve both your personal and business life.  
The time frames will vary depending on the severity of the issues and what you are ultimately looking to achieve. Once the plan is in place we can work out how much of my time you will need and how much you can handle on your own...but I'm always on the end of a phone when you need me. Initial discovery meetings are free of charge so you have nothing to lose and could well pick up useful hints and tips which you can implement straight away
Which Business Growth Program? 

Established Businesses 

If you are struggling to take your business to the next level, or your are feeling frustrated with your lack of progress, the Andromeda GAP Programme could be exactly what you need. 
This is a gap analysis process that compares actual performance or results with what was expected or desired. it is more than looking at Income and Costs - it's about having a clearly defined roadmap for business growth. 

Start-Ups and Micro Businesses 

The Pegasus Business Boost program brings the power of Andromeda’s successful GAP program to new and small businesses. 
This program provides regular access to a trusted advisor to new business start-ups and micro businesses.  
It is also a superb foundation for any business that needs a bit of assistance with making changes and boosting their presence, both off and online. Pegasus Business Boost gives businesses the support of a coach & marketing strategist at an affordable price. 
For more information or to book your FREE consultation either complete the form below or call Kirsty on 07521 790284 
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