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 Uncovering What Truly Motivates You 

Let’s be honest. Running a business is really hard work. 
If you weren’t committed and dedicated, you wouldn’t do it. However, in a busy life it’s all too easy to lose sight of what’s really important to you. 
Before we look in detail at your business plans we will spend time exploring your life and the things that really matter to you. 
Your lifestyle, family and friends are the things that maintain your motivation. If you aren’t spending enough time with the people who matter, doing the things you enjoy, and looking forward with a positive mindset success will be much harder to achieve. 
When we both understand exactly where you’re going we can work together to make sure your business will take you there. 
As we move forwards together we will continue to check on your progress towards achieving your personal goals. 

What Are The Challenges You Face? 

Sometimes it can be very hard to examine your life in detail and to admit that there might be some aspects you want to change. 
This is your opportunity to say things out loud that you might only have thought about privately in the past. 
You are in a safe and confidential place where you can be open and honest. 
The more specific and realistic you can be, the easier it will be for you to move ahead with confidence. 

What We Will Look At 

Some of the questions in this part of the GAP Program are quite personal and profound because they have been designed to help you discover what you really want out of life. This might include where you want to live, how you want to support your family, or when you will be ready to sell your business. 
We will use a combination of discussion and exercises to unlock your personal desires and dreams. This will allow you to focus and boost your motivation to drive your business forwards. 
We will also explore the things that might be holding you back and how you can approach old challenges in new ways to move ahead. 
There will be big ambitions and small changes. 

What Will Happen 

We will create a plan that will define what matters to you and how you are going to achieve it. Part of the process will be to create significant, measurable and achievable targets. 
Most importantly, you will know what you must do to reach each key milestone. You’ll also be able to congratulate yourself when you achieve them. 
One of the main benefits of working together is the accountability it entails. You are responsible for achieving the targets we set and our regular reviews will shine a spotlight on your progress. 
With practical experience of running businesses, I know how many demands there will be on your time. We will be realistic about the targets we set together, even if it takes a little longer to achieve your goals. 


Once we have agreed your personal goals we can move on to look at how these will influence every aspect of your business. This could range from profitability and performance to staff recruitment and retention. 
So, for example, if one of your goals is to spend more time with your family, we will look at ways to find the right mix of skills, talent and support to keep your business running smoothly when you’re not there. 

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